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Accomplished graphic artist and marketing professional with extensive experience in creative design, marketing planning and online advertising. Proven ability at maximizing advertising costs by developing targeted marketing strategies and utilizing low-cost online mediums. Highly-skilled artist with an ability to merge client concepts with modern design elements to create graphics that satisfy clients and appeal to customers.

Our Mission is to help you Grow your Business in the Constantly Changing Social Media Jungle with Custom Crafted and Grown Ideas to help your Next Harvest be more successful!


Social Media offers business the opportunity to Connect and Build Relationships with current and potential customers. Is your Business seizing this opportunity?


If your business is not Thriving in the Garden of Social Media you Need a Vitamin C boost from Social Fruit! 80% Of your Customers are engaging somewhere on Social Media….Social Fruit will help harvest that consumer into your Garden more often and with more engagement.

We are expert Graphic Designers whom  create images, Posts, Custom Videos to help Grow Your Business by Informing and Entertaining your Customers, Potential Customers, and Everyone They Know!


In the Supermarket of the digital World we help you Stand Out with a Custom Social Marketing Plan which allows you to concentrate on your Business while we grow your Customer base.


We plant and Grow Custom Content for your Business that is guaranteed to freshen up your business and set you apart from the others!  


Social Fruit Marketing starts at the roots with an audit of your current online marketing then we develop, implement, and grow a results driven Social Marketing strategy customized for your business. Our strategies include the creations of custom graphics and videos designed to build your brand social media presence, create awareness, and Grow customer engagement.


Each Social Fruit Marketing strategy is created to cater to the individual needs of our top priority…YOU!

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